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SignalHire is a cloud-based recruiting, HR analytics and benchmarking platform suitable for recruiting agencies and HR departments of all sizes.

Predictive analytics tools can help determine if a current employee may switch jobs for an open role. Users can measure turnover rate, cost per hire, time to fill and recruiter efficiency. SignalHire also tracks the recruitment trends of similar companies to provide comparison data. This information includes where other companies are hiring from and open positions.

Candidate profiles are accumulated from public networks such as job boards, and candidate profiles can also be added manually from sites such as LinkedIn. The visual applicant tracking board allows users to drag and drop candidate profiles through each hiring stage. Users can flag specific candidates, set deadlines for working with candidates, and forward resumes to employers.

The application is designed to work on mobile browsers. SignalHire offers yearly and monthly subscription pricing.


SignalHire  - Candidate profile
  • SignalHire  - Candidate profile
    Candidate profile
  • SignalHire  - Candidate pipeline
    Candidate pipeline
  • SignalHire  - Employee mood
    Employee mood
  • SignalHire  - Applicant tracking board
    Applicant tracking board
  • SignalHire  - Job board integration
    Job board integration
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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