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3PLink provides a fully automated, truly comprehensive Warehouse Management System specifically designed for the third party logistics industry (multi-client, client-owned inventory). A market leader since 1987, Camelot 3PL Software continues to leverage cutting-edge technologies to help logistics organizations increase productivity, reliability and accuracy. 3PLink is proven to boost customer satisfaction by offering secure web visibility 24/7, automated reporting, KPI dashboards, wireless scanning, EDI, and much more.

3PLink offers third party billing, inventory management, shipping/receiving and reporting. The 3PLink WMS module can be offered as a stand alone system or it can be incorporated into Transportation Management and/or full Financials, allowing companies to customize functionality to create a unique business management system to suit their needs. It can be run on a local server or in the cloud (SaaS) and as a scalable solution businesses only buy what they need and add new technology as it’s required in the future.

3PLink ensures that all accessible data is updated in real time so it constantly remains accurate, giving clients reliable information to make decisions quickly. The design and flow of the system allows for rapid implementation and configuration, and it interfaces seamlessly with client systems through standard EDI or direct link dataports.

3PLink is a complete, integrated solution.


Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

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