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What is A/P ONE?

A/P One is a cloud-based invoice automation platform that automates the complete invoice lifecycle with robotic process automation and OCR technology. With CoreIntegrator data capture services, businesses can verify the accuracy of invoice data up to 100% confidence. Whether teams work remotely or in the office, A/P One can be implemented into any business system in less than 3 days. A/P One can easily store all invoices and automatically capture specific data using OCR technology. A/P One also allows users to approve invoices electronically while working remotely on a tablet or mobile phone. Any approved invoices can be pushed to any third-party accounting system. A/P One seamlessly integrates with CoreIntegrator and OnPay to bring end-to-end payment proces... read more

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How easy is A/P ONE to use and deploy?

A/P ONE supports multiple deployment options, including: Cloud, SaaS, Web-based, Windows, Linux, Windows.

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