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Fixed Assets Manager by Red Moon Solutions is a comprehensive solution that was originally designed to support the internal tax practice of one of the nation's largest accounting firms. Fixed Assets Manager now offers organizations in almost any industry a streamlined, effective way to track their fixed assets and ensure that each asset has an accurate, up-to-date tax depreciation schedule.  

The set of features included in Fixed Assets Manager (FAM) simplify fixed asset data management. The solution's intuitive interface was designed to resemble Microsoft Explorer, so users immediately have a familiar environment and adoption is quick and painless. The deep functionality offered in the software can be adapted to both small businesses or enterprise-level corporations with more complex needs.

The software provides a variety of depreciation templates, called Asset Types, as well as the ability to quickly create new assets. Also pre-defined in the software are all the depreciation rules necessary to accurately calculate depreciation for Federal, ACE, AMT, accounting and any number of user-defined books.

When it comes to an organization's fixed assets, there's often a lack of any defined process or control, just because fixed assets are considered a low priority. Without tangible, traceable processes, companies can find themselves at risk for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

FAM changes all of that, offering a user-friendly and flexible financial solution to more effectively track and control these assets, as well as an easy way to manage planning, reporting and compliance. Red Moon Solutions provides personalized, expert services and unlimited support from a team well versed in the industry.


Fixed Assets Manager - Asset Input
  • Fixed Assets Manager - Asset Input
    Asset Input
  • Fixed Assets Manager - Dispositions
  • Fixed Assets Manager - FAM Depreciation Report
    FAM Depreciation Report
  • Fixed Assets Manager - FAM Reporting
    FAM Reporting
  • Fixed Assets Manager - Main Screen
    Main Screen
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