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AtScale is a data warehouse virtualization solution that creates a live connection between people and data without moving it, regardless of where it is stored or how it is formatted - on-premise or in the cloud - turning your data warehouse into a powerful multidimensional analytics engine. This enables enterprises to migrate to the cloud on their own terms with zero business interruption and without having to rewrite applications or train business users on new tools, leveraging existing investments in big data platforms, applications and tools. AtScale improves the performance of any Business Intelligence tool. The Universal Semantic Layer allows business logic to be applied across the organization, providing consistent answers for queries from any team or tool,...

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January 2020

A pretty cool data modelling software

My company used Atscale as our BI solution together with our cloudera and tableau software. We gained some modelling benefit from Atscale which standardized the development of downstream reporting developments. We also faced some integration challenge due to the complexity of cloudera and atsacle and tableau. While overall, we are impressed by the design of Atscale.


1. The data modelling is through the web based interface which is quite convenient for mutli user environment; 2. Advanced data caching mechanism which makes some pay-by-click services much cheaper; 3. Excellent performance gain through the caching mechanism; 4. Small but quite senior support team.


1. Strict dimensional modelling design maybe not quite fit for the free style data structure; 2. An extra modelling layer may not be always needed; 3. Deployment design changed recently.

Reasons for choosing AtScale

simple and effective modelling capability. advanced caching capability which improve the performance. web based modelling and convenient query troubleshooting support.