OpenRefine is an on-premise data cleaning and quality maintenance tool that serves small, midsized and large enterprises. Formerly known as “Google Refine,” the product was renamed to “OpenRefine” in 2012 when it became open source. Primary features include data import, data cleaning, dataset linking, entity extraction and data documentation.

OpenRefine allows users to clean inconsistent and messy data. Users can explore large datasets and normalize data by using grouping features. Users can also undo any actions performed in case of mistakes. OpenRefine allows users to select multiple rows by applying filters and facets, and apply commands on all related rows at once.

OpenRefine can connect databases to different web services such as OpenStreetMap and other geolocation services. It is an open-source software. Support is available online via FAQs, documentation, use case examples and tutorials.



Mass editing using filters and facets

Mass editing using filters and facets

Text transformation

Text transformation

Supported Operating System(s):

Mac OS, Linux, Windows 10

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Patrick from On-call CIO

Industry:  Consulting

Number of employees:  2-10 employees



February 2018

Good for ad-hoc projects, not necessarily for long-term organization


Allows working with substantial amount of data
Powerful yet relatively simple
Scripting allows to re-apply past actions


Doesn't seem to be actively supported/maintained
Old interface makes it unintuitive to deal with files
No real automation features

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Displaying 1 - 1 of 1 reviews