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About SysTools Migrator

SysTools Migrator is a migration tool that can migrate data across multiple cloud platforms. The tool’s migration monitor shows the real-time status of the member account and the processing speed. Multiple accounts can be monitored at the same time. The real-time status or speed of individual processes is shown in a visual list. SysTools Migrator is capable of concurrent migration. It can define more than one user mailbox for its migrating users in batch mode. It allows users to set an AR priority to define the first concurrent migration sequence, in which component mailboxes need to be moved. SysTools Migrator is easy to install, configure, and release. The software does not need to be installed to complete any additional cloud-to-cloud migration processes. ...

SysTools Migrator Pricing

Basic plan: $5/user - Migrate Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Documents Migration Filters Selective User Migration Reporting options in UI & CSV Delta Migration & Incremental Migration New! Advanced plan: $10 USD/user - All Basic Features + Managed Services (New!) User-based license Resource for migration(remote) Project Management Advanced Support Premium plan: $20/user - All Basic & Advanced features + Infrastructure (New!( Third-Party Virtual Machine Quad-Core Xeon 16 GB RAM Windows OS The sizing of Cloud VM will be done at the beginning of the project.

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$5.00 one time

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Not Available


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