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About Warp 10

Warp 10 simplifies data management and analytics. The modular open-source platform is designed to collect, store and analyze sensor data / IoT data and any kind of sequence data from a horizontal and industrial perspective. Shaped for the Internet of Things (IoT) with a flexible data model, Warp 10 provides a unique and powerful framework to simplifies your processes from data collection to analysis and visualization. Warp 10 supports geolocated data in its core model called Geo Time Series. The Warp 10 Analytics Engine is based on a library of more than 1000 functions called WarpLib, adapted to time series analysis and on two analysis languages, WarpScript and FLoWS. Its WarpLib capabilities will allow you to manage statistics, features extraction, data filtering, ...

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The Warp 10 Platform is fully open source. SenX supports you to help you benefit from the full potential of the Warp 10 technology through training and pilot phases (PoC) intended to help you define the best positioning within existing infrastructures. SenX also offers support and assistance contracts to secure the transition to production. Contact SenX for more information on its offer.

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