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About Crew Console

Console is a field-friendly app to help construction companies become more efficient businesses by improving organization, communication, and accountability. Console includes solutions for Scheduling, Time Keeping, and Job Tracking. With Console Scheduling it is simple to drag-drop Employees, Crews, & Equipment to Scheduled Jobs. Employees can be notified via SMS text messages and view their schedule if permitted. With Console Time Keeping employees login using a secure personal pin-code to track man-hours and see total weekly hours at a glance. When a Job is added to the system a Job profile is created which includes a Job Message Board; for storing and sharing notes, photos, and documents. Man-hours and quantities can be tracked to tasks; leaders can know early on if ...

Crew Console Pricing

Tiered Pricing Based Upon Number of Active Users/Employees. $50/mo for up to 5 Active Users $100/mo for up to 15 Active Users $150/mo for up to 30 Active Users $250/mo for Unlimited Active Users

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$50.00 per month

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