DELCON Construction Software


A web-based construction management system, DELCON provides bid management, project scheduling and project management for mid-size and enterprise-level construction companies. The system can support a company’s financial management, project delivery, document management, and more, allowing DELCON to meet a variety of needs.

The system integrates with 250+ existing enterprise systems, such as Oracle, SAP, Viewpoint, and more. This way, companies can easily transfer data between systems. Within the RFI module, DELCON ensures that users of the system can track all communication pertaining to the RFI, including questions and responses. This module also allows users to attach important documents, such as photos, plans, and more.

DELCON’s Issue Management module provides a way for users to create issues, and assign them to their applicable project. These can further be assigned to specific team members, and all include an open and close date in order to help improve overall task management.


DELCON Construction - Configurable Landing Pages
  • DELCON Construction - Configurable Landing Pages
    Configurable Landing Pages
  • DELCON Construction - DELCON App
    DELCON App
  • DELCON Construction - Financial Forecasting
    Financial Forecasting
  • DELCON Construction - Risks Center
    Risks Center
  • DELCON Construction - Submittals
  • DELCON Construction - Workflows
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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