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About DipTrace

DipTrace is a schematic and printed circuit board designing software that enables businesses to create multi-layer boards and 3D designs. The platform includes a component editor, which helps users define single and multi-part components via visual/electrical parameters. The placement tool in DipTrace comes with drag-and-drop capabilities, which allow organizations to add a variety of components by features, list and other custom attributes to specify the final layout of the board. It offers a host of features such as interactive visuals, electrical rule check, circuit-to-board-conversion, data import/export, 3D modelling and more. Additionally, administrators can view a 3D view of the final board, zoom in/out and rotate images on the axis. DipTrace facilitate...

DipTrace Pricing

DipTrace offers a free trial for 30 days after which it is available on perpetual licenses. Details include: DipTrace Starter - $75 DipTrace Lite- $145 DipTrace Standard - $395 DipTrace Extended - $695 DipTrace Full - $995

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DipTrace viewing 3D model
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