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Kahua helps you manage processes, documents and cost on your construction programs and projects from inception to closeout. Purpose-built solutions for owners, program managers, general contractors and subcontractors help you minimize time-to-value and enhance user adoption. Kahua enables collaboration between all project participants to streamline communication and improve efficiency. Eliminate waste and rework by keeping everyone on the same page with the latest design and scope information. And with Kahua’s comprehensive dashboards and reporting, you get the visibility and control you need to minimize risk.

Kahua is a lifecycle solution, with applications for capital planning, sources of funds, design review, bid management, document management &...

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June 2020

Steve from Clark Construction Group, LLC

Verified Reviewer

Company Size: 1,001-5,000 employees

Industry: Construction

Time Used: More than 2 years

Review Source: Capterra



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June 2020


Clark was an early adopter of the Kahua platform. Our previous experience with Kahua's [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] (the same team that built Constructware) meant we were among the first to learn of the new system and it's new approach to Construction Management software. The platform approach (PAAS) as opposed to the traditional, rigid, SAAS model solved many problems we'd experienced in the past and was true differentiator from the other leading products in this space. As an early adopter, it wasn't always smooth sailing though. We suffered from problems typical of new systems, but the Kahua team addressed those and we're now realizing the benefits that the platform-based system affords us as we continue to build out company-specific enhancements to our processes in the system and even entirely new applications .


The power of Kahua lies in it's ability to conform to the way not only your company works, but how your PROJECT works. Every company is different and every project is different. Everyone will agree that collaborative systems have the potential to make the overall team most efficient, but only if EVERYONE participates. Since every member of the team typically brings their own systems to the table, the first hurdle to overcome on a new project is whose system will we use? As a GC, we have the ability to influence the system our subcontractors use, but much less influence over what the client and design team will use. The flexibility of Kahua has enabled us to take feedback from our clients and design partners and build those features into the Kahua system so that it's not just a system built around the GC's perspective, but addresses the needs of every team member and when implemented correctly, makes the entire team more efficient.


The licensing model. Per-user licensing models are counter-productive. They deter companies from getting everyone on the system and often the users who get vetoed (due to cost) are the ones that either need the info the most are would potentially be some of the best contributors to the collaborative process. Licensing needs to be a simple unlimited user per project model.

Reasons for Choosing Kahua

Three main reasons:1) Platform architecture provided the ability to not only customize applications to our needs, but to build out entirely new applications on the platform much more efficiently than developing from scratch in say a .net environment as we'd done previously. 2) Kahua's architecture is what they a call "hub to hub" as opposed to most systems "hub and spoke" which addresses the issue of data ownership by giving every member of the project team ownership over their own data. Basically, in every other system out there, one party owns the system and all others are invited into it. That means the one party also owns the data and determines what data (if any) everyone else will walk away from the project with. (If you're not the hosting party and that doesn't scare you, it should.) In Kahua, every individual company sets up their own Kahua database and the databases link up to share documents and workflow throughout the project. At the end of the project, any data shared gets copied to the various parties so everyone walks away with a copy of what they had during the project. This is a huge benefit of the system and frankly one that Kahua has done a poor job of communicating to the public.3) The team. The [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] of Kahua [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] are the same two guys that founded and built Constructware. We'd used Constructware since 1998, had a great relationship with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and knew they were capable of delivering a quality product.