NotoWare software

NotoWare is a cloud-based knowledge management solution that helps disseminate work knowledge to employees. Employees can find the latest information related to work instructions and new job task details through the solution’s database module. The solution communicates new updates to its employees in real time. Employees can also share project-related problems with other employees on a common platform.

NotoWare organizes procedural information in a cloud-based application, allowing for remote access. The solution has a keyword-based search engine and a series of drill-down menus for quick retrieval of process information. The solution builds a knowledge repository so that companies can provide training to new employees or on future projects.

The solution allows managers to restrict administrative access to information, allowing users to view but not modify content in the knowledge base. The solution ensures quality procedures are met in managing and storing confidential information. All changes made in documents need to go through an approval process in which managers must provide a sign-off.

Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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