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About CICERO LawPack

CICERO LawPack is a legal management solution that helps law firms streamline the entire litigation lifecycle, from creating cases to optimizing accounting operations. It enables lawyers to organize and quickly access digitally-stored legal documents such as contracts, affidavits and more in real-time. Features of CICERO LawPack include billing, invoicing, appointment scheduling, cost estimation, task management, reporting, customer portal and more. The application allows lawyers to track and edit data related to clients' cases, personal contact information, interaction history and payment statuses. Additionally, professionals can determine litigation costs based on fixed-rate criteria or by capturing billable hours. CICERO LawPack comes with an application pr...

CICERO LawPack Pricing

CICERO LawPack is available across 3 pricing tiers: Start, Medium, and Full. Pricing starts at €39/user/month and scales with each tier, outlined below: Start - €39 per user per month Medium - €69 per user per month Full - €99 per user per month

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€39.00 per month

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