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About Brandy

Brandy is made for brand-to-customer communication across any modern channel. For Brands with its own online store, Brandy offers E-com virtual assistants. It has special chat apps for eCommerce tasks such as order status, order management, delivery information and more. For Brands with a distribution model, Brandy provides AI assistants for automation of customer enquires on frequent questions. For both cases, when human assistance is needed, brandy has a powerful messaging center. So any number of your live agents can connect to the conversations and help your customers. Key benefits of the platform include automation of up to 70% of enquiries, omnichannel customer experience and integration capabilities.

Brandy Pricing

Brandy charged by usage: $0.05 per 1 MAU (Monthly Active User) $29 per 1 live agent account Individual plans for Enterprises with >50 000 MAU

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$50.00 per month

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Not Available

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