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About Knowledgeworker Cards

Knowledgeworker Cards is suitable for training operations in numerous businesses, including SMEs, startups, and established companies. It allows managers to create and develop learning material in multiple languages, promoting diversity. It also facilitates the customization of card stacks allowing learners to place thematically related cards on similar decks. In addition, the learner can mark individual cards for repetition, and the software will automatically shuffle them for use later on using algorithm tools. Learners can use the available keyword search tools to search for and find courses they would like to learn. Knowledgeworker Cards also provides learners with analytics tools that they can use to track and monitor their performance and overall progress. The s...

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Pricing starts from 6.50€ per user. Further we offer company licences. For further information please contact chemmedia.

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€6.50 per month

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