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About Timely Online Training

Timely Online Training is a cloud-based platform that allows users to easily create, promote, manage and monetize training programs. It provides excellent online learning experiences by allowing administrators to add a customizable calendar to websites and showcase upcoming training events and course offerings. It helps enhance student learning experiences by adding images, videos, tables, documents and links to courses. Creators can import courses from third-party websites and calendars. Timely Online Training lets trainers schedule automated imports to easily populate calendar and invite collaborators, such as venue organizers, speakers and more to submit events via training portal. Administrators can publish submissions manually or configure rules for publishing cl...

Timely Online Training Pricing

Timely has a free version for freelancers and individual entrepreneurs who are just starting their event business, post few events per year, and do not need a sophisticated software. Timely also offers a 10-day free trial of its premium event management software. No credit card required. The premium version is tailored for small, medium and large organizations that create, import and promote several events per month, and want to manage events more efficiently. Please contact Timely directly for demo and pricing information.

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$425.00 per year

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