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Hydra PSA combines the benefits of three different technologies - project management, business process management and knowledge management - into a powerful web-based Project Automation solution that helps organizations define, execute, manage and analyze their projects.

With Hydra PSA, companies have access all of the elements offered in a traditional project management solution: knowledge and document management, resource management, time and expense tracking and more. In addition, Hydra PSA includes the entirely unique BluTec™ technology, a proprietary tool developed by Hydra, that gives users the ability to create detailed blueprints of the organization's processes and best-practices.

By using these blueprints and then applying compliance rules, users can quickly identify deviations and control them, creating a continuous improvement cycle that lowers risks and project costs and empowers organizations to develop a repeatable process for consistently high quality projects.

With the Hydra PSA Blueprint template and flexible compliance functions, companies can create and then govern each project within the defined company parameters and deliver successful results over and over.

Hydra PSA is a web-based solution and can be access from anywhere with an Internet connection. It's best suited for companies in industrial design, IT services, management consulting and R&D.


Hydra PSA - Project control, Costs and Earned Value
  • Hydra PSA - Project control, Costs and Earned Value
    Project control, Costs and Earned Value
  • Hydra PSA - Project Progress Dashboard
    Project Progress Dashboard
  • Hydra PSA - Project Execution Dashboard
    Project Execution Dashboard
  • Hydra PSA - Work Breakdown Structure
    Work Breakdown Structure
  • Hydra PSA - Configurable Reporting
    Configurable Reporting
  • Hydra PSA - Tasks and Activities monitoring
    Tasks and Activities monitoring
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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