Find Your Perfect Business Intelligence Software Match in 2021 With This Guide

Jan 23, 2020

All of your questions about Business Intelligence software answered in one place.


How to Improve Restaurant Service Quality With New Technologies

Jun 25, 2018

Most restaurant owners, operators, managers and associates don’t realize the negative impact that even one unremarkable customer experience has on their brand and business growth. To avoid these negative experiences and ensure service quality is constantly improving, restaurants must adopt new technologies. The Restaurant Technology in 2017 report by Toast POS highlights the impact restaurant ...


Software Needs Cycle for Field Service: Scheduling and Dispatching and Beyond

May 9, 2018

As field service operations increase their reach and customer base, their field service software capabilities need to grow with them. Excel sheets and paper job tickets might suffice a small solo operation, but growing businesses need at least basic specialized software to keep operations moving. Where many field service operations (and small businesses in general) ...


Retail Store Operations Are Either Growing or Dying—Which Are You?

Mar 21, 2018

The “great retail apocalypse of 2017” was greatly blown out of proportion. Sure, some stores closed (and have been closing since 2015), but the cause of these closures wasn’t some ominous ambiguity, as it was so typecast. The swath of store closures in 2017 was the result of stagnation on the part of their brands, ...


Software Advice Alternatives – Top Tableau Competitors

Mar 20, 2018

Find the Tableau alternative that works best for your business. Take an in-depth look at five popular BI platforms to find out which one is right for your needs. Software Advice Alternatives helps you narrow down the field, so you can choose the best BI platform for your needs. Our list of the top five ...


Design Your Work Order Process To Optimize The Customer Journey

Mar 13, 2018

Advances in technology have ushered in monumental operational improvements from for field service businesses. GPS tracking, on-site payment processing and onboard sensors have all enabled new efficiencies for organizations. But technology advances—like the Uber-fication of everything—have equally spiked customer expectations. And with 74 percent of customers consulting online reviews before doing business with a service ...


3 Tips To Achieve a BOPIS Retail Strategy Like Amazon & Walmart

Jan 26, 2018

The chatter about a “retail apocalypse” over the past year is mostly unwarranted fear-mongering. Retailers willing to differentiate and try new strategies are thriving. One successful strategy that leading retailers are using is called “buy online, pickup in-store,” or BOPIS. Retail giants from Target to Home Depot have rolled out their own BOPIS retail strategy. ...


3 Loan Management Software Features for Improving Borrower Experience

Sep 20, 2017

Taking out a loan often signifies a major life event for consumers—it means you’re buying a home, purchasing a car or attending college. And most consumers will take out loans for these events multiple times in their lives. It’s never stress-free to borrow, so providing borrowers with the best possible experience is crucial for fostering ...


The Top Retail Pricing Strategies For Your Business

Sep 7, 2017

As a retailer, you face a number of important decisions when determining how to price your goods and services. Setting prices correctly can win you more customers and drive sales—while incorrectly set prices can have a profoundly negative impact on sales and hurt customer loyalty. Because of this, most retailers use certain retail pricing strategies ...