Help Patients Feel Safe Returning to Your Practice by Following This Checklist

By: on September 2, 2020

According to The Software Advice COVID-19 Consumer & Employee Impact Survey conducted in June 2020, 65% of patients said they would refuse an in-person medical exam if their doctor wasn’t following all local and state safety requirements.

To help you and your practice, we also asked about what safety measures would make patients feel safe when returning to your practice during and post pandemic.

It’s likely that you are already taking some of these measures, but if your goal is to make patients feel safe returning to your practice then incorporating these five steps will go a long way toward that.

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Survey Methodology

*The Software Advice COVID-19 Consumer & Employee Impact Survey was conducted in June 2020 to understand how the priorities and preferences of people—as consumers, employees, and patients—have shifted due to COVID-19. We surveyed 564 patients making up a representative sample (by age and gender) of the U.S. population.

We worded the questions to ensure that each respondent fully understood the meaning and the topic at hand.

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