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Concord is a contract management system that helps all companies manage the entire lifecycle of their contracts—from creating contracts all the way through managing renewals post-execution. Users can draft a contract from a template and then use Concord to manage all contract negotiations— redline, comment, and chat with counterparties all on the same platform. Concord’s legally-binding e-signature fully executes contracts right within the system. Concord's approval workflows enable multi-step and conditional approvals for any contract type, allowing businesses to move their approval process to one location. Concord’s Salesforce integration helps sales teams generate contracts and close deals faster. And while users can upload an unlimited number of contracts to Con...

Concord Pricing

Concord's pricing makes it simple for any sized organization to get value, from our free tier through to enterprise plans Concord offers the most approachable pricing options of any contract management solution. Our free trial includes full access to the Pro level account, after 14 days you can choose a plan or remain on our free tier for as long as you want, without ever losing access to your agreements. If you have more than 3 potential users, Concord offers four tiers: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. With each package including core and essential functionally, we aligned our offerings with the needs of evolving organizations. In other words, we have a simple package that will fit your needs and budget. View our pricing here: Try Concord for free:

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