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Since 1999, Magenta Technology has been one of the leading providers of real-time scheduling tools. Maxoptra, their web-based Transportation Management offering, gives smaller companies a simple, cost-effective tool to manage fleets and optimize routes.

When it’s time to plan routes, users can upload orders or enter them manually. Choose to build schedules manually or allow Maxoptra to build them automatically, within seconds; Maxoptra can account for multiple parameters and constraints in the automatic scheduling mode, including vehicle specifics, driver specifications, preferred delivery time windows and drivers, order types, and more. Routes, drivers, and driving times can easily be adjusted and swapped as needed.

After schedules are created, they’re dispatched directly to drivers using Android, iOS, Windows mobile, and Tom Tom navigational devices. Since the navigation devices estimate driving times, dispatchers have accurate arrival time information. The system automatically recognizes and highlights route issues like excessive driving time, extended mileage, and delivery time variance; signatures of product receipt can be captured directly from the driver’s mobile device.

We really like the accessibility of Maxoptra to smaller companies. It doesn’t require a large upfront investment, and operating costs are low. Since it’s web-based, there is no need to install hardware or software, and it can be easily accessed many devices already in-use by drivers. Maxoptra has an intuitive interface; very little training is typically needed. We recommend it for the Consumer Packaged Goods and Food & Beverage verticals, and find that it can offer reduced operating costs through improved vehicle and staff utilization, better customer service, more accurate reporting, and increased visibility. It can also help companies lower their CO2 emissions.


Maxoptra - Drag and drop route adjustments
  • Maxoptra - Drag and drop route adjustments
    Drag and drop route adjustments
  • Maxoptra - Easily import orders
    Easily import orders
  • Maxoptra - Run plan
    Run plan
  • Maxoptra - Monitor progress in real time
    Monitor progress in real time
  • Maxoptra - Driver manifest
    Driver manifest
  • Maxoptra - Report- delivery window by customer
    Report- delivery window by customer
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Richard from Axminster tools & machinery ltd
Number of employees: 201-500 employees Employees number: 201-500 employees

April 2018

April 2018

Maxoptra has made the process of planning our routes a lot quicker and easier



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

Product Quality
Value for Money

We can now get a more accurate account of how much each truck is costing us each week and a clearer picture overall of our operation, It also integrates well with our Elucid system .


The Pros include how easy it is to plan the drops, The drag and drop facility is great,Very clear overview of what is happening.
It's very easy to undo anything you do wrong,The more information fed into the system the more accuracy we are getting.


Sometimes it involves us adjusting settings a lot as we plan for three to four nights away and the system is designed predominantly for multi-drop day runs returning to base everyday.

Review Source: Capterra