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Finding software can be overwhelming. Software Advice has helped many B2B businesses choose the right buyer intent software so they can better target interested prospects.

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ZoomInfo powered by DiscoverOrg provides buyer intent data and alerts to sales and marketing teams. This cloud-based solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline marketing initiatives and workflows. It he... Read more

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Buyer Discovery

Buyer Discovery by Gartner Digital Markets uses intent data to help B2B sales and marketing teams identify qualified prospects and target accounts. With access to intent data from over 9 million in-market software buyers, this sol... Read more


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Leadfeeder is a cloud-based software-as-a-service application that tracks traffic to user websites in order to collect and score potential leads. It is suitable for business of all sizes across all industries. Leadfeeder offe... Read more


DemandJump is a cloud-based solution that provides consumer insights and market intelligence to marketing teams of all sizes. This solution can be used to analyze competitor data, including organic search, paid ads, online traffic... Read more



Engagio is a customer data platform that provides intent data and insights for B2B organizations. It is designed to enable sales and marketing teams to efficiently manage ABM programs and prioritize the right accounts. Teams can a... Read more



6sense is an account engagement platform that provides buyer journey insights to B2B organizations. It is designed to help sales, marketing, and customer success teams generate growth and revenue. This solution offers AI-driven ca... Read more


G2 Buyer Intent

G2 Buyer Intent provides insights to help sales teams identify high-intent prospects that are actively researching software products. This solution can be used by marketing teams to create and enhance ABM campaigns. By tracking G2... Read more


KickFire LIVE Leads

KickFire offers cloud-based solutions for B2B organizations. KickFire is designed to increase sales by identifying anonymous visitor companies on organizational websites. It captures new leads, provides real-time lead alerts, and ... Read more


Company Surge Analytics

Company Surge Analytics helps B2B businesses use intent data to identify target organizations that have shown a high demand for specific products and services. This solution is designed to help marketing teams efficiently align go... Read more



eCHO is an account-based intent solution for B2B organizations. It provides insights to help companies prioritize the right accounts based on intent data. eCHO enables marketing and sales teams to align various campaign strategies... Read more


ML Platform

ML Platform by Madison Logic is an account-based marketing solution for B2B organizations. It helps sales and marketing teams manage account prioritization, campaign strategies, and customer journey acceleration. ML Platform ident... Read more


Priority Engine

Priority Engine offers intent data and insights to help B2B sales teams increase conversions. To target qualified technology buyers, teams can build customized prospect lists based on firmographics, tech interests, installed produ... Read more



InsightBase by True Influence is a buyer intent data solution for B2B enterprises. It tracks and provides intent data, insights, and trends to help sales and marketing teams focus on priority accounts. Insightbases's data includes... Read more


Momentum Data

Momentum Data is an AI-powered social selling platform for B2B enterprises. It gathers buyer intent data and provides valuable insights for sales and marketing teams to streamline new customer outreach programs. Teams can access s... Read more


Intent Activation

Intent Activation is a cloud-based solution that provides businesses with tools to analyze and determine the behavior of target buyers, improving marketing operations and facilitating decision-making processes. Professionals can u... Read more


Buyers guide

Last Updated: April 7, 2021

Buyer intent software provides third-party external customer data to help product marketers make more targeted decisions.

In this guide, we’ll cover: What is buyer intent software
Common features of buyer intent software
What type of buyer are you?
Benefits and potential issues
Market trends to understand

What is buyer intent software?

Buyer intent software allows businesses to gain insight on a customer's purchase intent through features like customer journey mapping, predictive analytics, and competitor data. This software can analyze buyer intent for B2B lead generation to target interested prospects. It can also allow companies to create customized content marketing.

Essentially, a company can gain insight to consumers in two ways: through internal data and/or external data. Using your company’s internal data, you can see what your customers do on your site(s), such as their journey across your owned content, downloads, leads data from forms, time on site, and page views.

However, in addition to what you can see with your own site data, you may also want to see how your customers behave externally—such as how they interact with competitor sites, or other content across the web. This is where third-party, external data comes in the form of buyer intent software. This software aggregates data from advertising networks, publishing co-ops, and individual sites. Buyer intent data is gathered through what a user types in search, the content they consume, and their public postings and comments.

third party intent data sources

Common features of buyer intent software

When comparing buyer intent software, it’s important to know the typical functionality provided. Below are common features of buyer intent software.

Intent data View data results that indicate future customer interest in products
B2B lead generation Manage the process of attracting and converting business prospects into leads
Competitor analysis Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of companies with the same target audience
CRM integration Integrate with your customer relationship management (CRM) software to better connect all aspects of your business
Lead scoring Score a lead on their quality or likelihood to buy based on certain behaviors
Channel attribution Create a set of rules that assigns credit for sales and revenue to touchpoints across the customer journey

What type of buyer are you?

Understanding typical companies who purchase buyer intent software can help you figure out if it’s right for your business.

B2B. Largely, B2B companies invest in buyer intent software. More precisely, B2B companies who launch account-based marketing (ABM) programs need intent data in order to create successful target audiences.

Midsize to large businesses with complex sales processes. Gartner predicts 70% of mid-sized to large businesses will launch ABM programs by the end of 2022 (full content available to Gartner clients). Thus, these types of companies will likely also need buyer intent software.

High tech. ABM is a newly emerging strategy and many companies investing in these programs are in the high-tech and related industries. Buyer intent software is also seeing growth in the business services, manufacturing, and finance industries.

Benefits and potential issues

Buyer intent software can benefit companies in a few key ways:

  • Account-based marketing. Account-based marketing means a business targets a particular audience that represents a particularly high growth opportunity with a much more tailored approach, as opposed to casting a wider net to a broad audience (full content available to Gartner clients). Having solid buyer intent data helps a business create better target accounts.
  • Content marketing. Buyer intent data can also allow content marketers to target buyers who are at different stages of the buying journey. Content marketers who know what stage a buyer is in can serve the right content at the right time, helping their buyers make better purchasing decisions.

There are also some potential concerns with buyer intent software:

  • Privacy. Recently there have been concerns with online consumer data collection. Regulations are changing the way marketers can handle data, including requiring users to provide consent. Because intent data is company-level and anonymous, it shouldn’t cause issues for compliance with GDPR or CCPA.
  • Skills shortage. Not many marketers currently use ABM as a strategy because it’s so new. Thus, marketers may not have the skill set to launch an ABM program, and don’t have experience working with buyer intent platforms. As a result, there may be a lag in adoption as professionals grow up to speed.
  • Organizational change. Successfully executing ABM or content marketing strategies requires collaboration between many departments and management buy-in. Because many organizations are used to traditional marketing, it may be difficult to change their tech stack to support the use of buyer intent data.

Market trends to understand

Buyer intent data software purchases will likely increase over the next few years since buyer intent data is a necessary ingredient for targeted marketing. In addition, as content marketing continues to become more targeted, buyer intent data will be needed to be able to reach buyers at their specific stage in the buying journey funnel. Essentially, as digital tracking increases, the need for buyer intent data will also increase, as the two go hand-in-hand.