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SAP Business ByDesign is a software as a service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Acknowledging the increasing adoption of SaaS solutions, especially in the middle market, SAP made the bold decision to develop an entirely new code base to target the SaaS opportunity. With Business ByDesign now generally available and in use by a wide range of customers, SAP is aggressively expanding the product’s feature set. 

SAP Business ByDesign is designed to serve all the key needs of a business. The system offers applications for customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, project management, supply chain management, supplier relationship management, human resources, executive management dashboards, and compliance.  The financial management capabilities of SAP Business ByDesign include general ledger, fixed asset management, inventory valuation, and management accounting.

SAP Business ByDesign is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) package, accessed over the Internet on a web browser. SAP manages all of the hosting, maintenance and upgrades of the system. Set-up and configuration takes between four and eight weeks. SAP Business ByDesign is designed to scale with  young businesses as the grow into mid-size enterprises.


SAP Business ByDesign - SAP Business ByDesign
  • SAP Business ByDesign - SAP Business ByDesign
    SAP Business ByDesign
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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SAP Business ByDesign: Flexible, adaptable, scalable ERP



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Product Quality
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SAP has more than 40 years of best business practices built into the software. Then, to have a cloud-based product that reduces IT infrastructure, and keeps my business information where I need it, when I need it, is truly a win-win for any business.

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If there was one thing I did not like about SAP, it would be their time-to-market. They are consistently 6 months behind. However, I also think this is one of their strengths - which is to not bring a product to market before it is ready. SAP has always done well in this regard.


Do you research. Make sure your processes are in line with supporting an ERP. Ask yourself if your business is ready for ERP. If so, look at SAP. It is not just for big companies. It is for your company.

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