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Whether it's a manager, executive, analyst or any business role, Tableau is tailored to meet the needs of anyone looking to explore and analyze key business data, regardless of technical or analytical background. Tableau's suite of offerings provide business intelligence that is actionable and insightful, as well as extremely easy to learn.

Tableau has no limit with regards to performance, speed or business size and can be flexed to suit a number of industries, including securities, real estate, manufacturing and supply chain, to name a few. The most basic functions can be learned in less than an hour, and Tableau offers a "ShowMe" feature that draws views based on visualization best practices for user-selected fields.

Tableau has taken years of research and built best practices right into the solution. From color schemes to eye-catching design templates, information presented is both focused and meaningful. Stanford-developed technology lets users drag-and-drop data for analysis, following their own fluid train of thought to quickly create dynamic visuals where any changes can be viewed in real time. With a single click, users can also layer in additional data sources and then with a few more clicks, share the report. Publishing to the web takes seconds, since there are no changes necessary to the dashboards. All viewers need to engage is a browser to sort the data and find their own answers.

With Tableau's architecturally aware approach, users have a number of ways to connect to data. Even if you are working with an enormous amount of information, it can be loaded into Tableau's data engine for snappy response and is supported by live and on-demand training, as well as online support documents.


Tableau - Advanced Mapping
  • Tableau - Advanced Mapping
    Advanced Mapping
  • Tableau - Intuitive User Interface
    Intuitive User Interface
  • Tableau - Interactive Dashboards on the Web
    Interactive Dashboards on the Web
  • Tableau - iPad Support
    iPad Support
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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