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AccuBuild is a powerful construction project management and accounting solution ideal for small to mid-sized construction firms. Founded in 1987, AccuBuild is family owned and operated, and committed to helping their clients increase profits by giving them the tools they need to make better business decisions.

With AccuBuild, owners, managers and employees have access to one, central system which can easily be customized to meet the specific needs of your operations. This software is a great fit for general and subcontractors in the government, commercial and industrial sectors, especially those that are doing contract work. The accounting and project management modules can be sold on a stand-alone basis or as part of an integrated suite, and they also offer project scheduling for companies that need to get a better hold on scheduling people, resources and responsibilities.

What we like best about Accubuild is the mobile access. They recently launched a version which can be used on your iPad, iPhone or Android device. This means users have real-time access to the data they need whether they're in the office or in the field, making double entry a thing of the past. Some AccuBuild clients have reduced payroll and daily field reporting time by 90% using AccuBuild Mobile.

AccuBuild is an on-premise, affordable, construction-specific solution that should be evaluated by general and specialty contractors that need a job cost accounting or project management solution.


AccuBuild - AccuBuild Reports integrates with Excel pivot tables
  • AccuBuild - AccuBuild Reports integrates with Excel pivot tables
    AccuBuild Reports integrates with Excel pivot tables
  • AccuBuild - Color coded PM  logs
    Color coded PM logs
  • AccuBuild - Accubuild’s Microsoft Office Add-In
    Accubuild’s Microsoft Office Add-In
  • AccuBuild - Drill Down from Trial Balance
    Drill Down from Trial Balance
  • AccuBuild - Users defined payroll pay codes
    Users defined payroll pay codes
  • AccuBuild - AccuBuild Mobile on Iphone, Ipad and Android
    AccuBuild Mobile on Iphone, Ipad and Android
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 2000

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from Wood Windows, Inc
Specialty: Residential remodeling
Number of employees: 11 to 20 employees Employees number: 11 to 20 employees

AccuBuild Accounting Software - Great for Commercial Contractors!



Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality
Likes Best

I like the ability to choose several jobs for a report at one time and that they don't need to be in order. Document scanning and indexing is very fast and easy; we can index to several modules at the same time too, such as an A/P invoice indexed both to the vendor and to the job.

Likes Least

We're unable to change entries once they have been posted; there's no editing allowed. You have to either void and re-enter or enter a reversing entry and then the correct one. We're unable to search for the job number, client, or G/L entry you're looking for. All reports balloon up super large, and if you resize smaller, you get a tiny little box that you then have to manually enlarge to a normal size window.


Do lots of demos, ask lots of questions, and don't accept any easy answers. Get specific in asking to see how to do what you currently do in your business or what you think you'll need if it's a new company. Many things that I took for granted would be standard simply are not with this software, and perhaps they would not have been with the other software I looked at. Things like repeating entries in accounts payable and general ledger. We pay our salespeople a cell phone allowance monthly, and it sure was nice to set that up one time, hit repeat, choose once monthly, and be done. In AB, I have to enter the invoice for each salesperson every month. The same goes for our monthly depreciation entry and the property tax accrual.

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