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PaperTracer is a cloud-based business process management suite that offers integrated tools for managing employee onboarding, vendor account management, managing business assets and end-to-end business contracts. The solution is offered by the US-based firm Health Asset Management (HAMi) Inc., which caters to small and midsize institutions in health care, research, education and other business segments.

PaperTracer allows businesses to automate workflows by integrating paper and digital documents into a centralized database. The solution offers tracking and reporting capabilities for simplifying audit procedures. PaperTracer allows users to choose from customizable templates or create business-specific document templates to be standardized and shared across organizations.

Users can maintain document versioning, manage approvals and track timeframes, as well as set alerts for contract milestones. The solution also incorporates digital signatures and helps users track contract renewal and expiration dates with vendors and suppliers. Tools to maintain regulatory requirements and compliance are also included.


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