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Explorer Shafers offers a fully integrated on-premise Service management solution. At the core of the system is an accounting platform designed to manage inventory, payroll, budgets, and more. Integrated within that are applications to manage contacts and work orders, and schedule, dispatch, and track technicians. 

GPS functionality allows dispatchers to send the closest available technician and monitor the status of open calls. Technicians can use the system to print invoices and collect payment while on-site, or send information to the back office to be reviewed and posted.

Explorer Shafers is recommended to field service companies in verticals such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, pest control, and locksmithing.

Explorer Software Group has been serving companies in North America for over thirty years.


Explorer Shafers - Tracking and scheduling
  • Explorer Shafers - Tracking and scheduling
    Tracking and scheduling
  • Explorer Shafers - GPS Tracking and Google Map integration
    GPS Tracking and Google Map integration
  • Explorer Shafers - Search Inventory
    Search Inventory
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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David from Colton Heating & Cooling Inc.
Specialty: HVAC
Number of employees: 2-10 employees Employees number: 2-10 employees

January 2017

January 2017

My sad experience with Shafers HVAC software



Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

I purchased Shafer's system in 2012 and used it for 6 years before finally walking away. It is a feature rich system and I had great hopes of one day fully implementing all its benefits into my company. There was a continual need for tech support. The support team was good but the issues were always there. Every software upgrade seemed to introduce as many bugs as they fixed. The final straw was when the software locked me out claiming I had no authorized access. I called tech support and was told I couldn't get their help until I renewed my support agreement for another year. I said I would pay per incident or per hour and they said that was not an option. The annual fee had risen per year, I dumped Shafer's and went back to my old software and company. Got a software upgrade to latest edition and a 3-year maintenance contract at cheap prices. Don't get caught in their trap, you will regret it eventually.


Feature rich and well organized visually. Loved the mobile application.


Only runs with windows. Lots of bugs and high cost for the service agreement. Trouble keeping static IP connection working.

Advice to Others

There are lots of other choices, don't let these guys get you hooked. It will cost way more in the long run.

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