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The Personnel Evaluation System from CAMMS is a comprehensive web-based solution that is engineered to assess staff performance in real time and contribute to personnel development.

Key features of the program include customizable configuration, a home page view of all assessments each user is involved in, performance overviews via employee scorecards, and an Executive Analysis Services module that gives users detailed reviews of staff performances at any business level. Staff is instantly notified of completed phases or when participations increase through email, and performance is measured against projects or can be aligned with corporate plans, competencies, duties, and behaviors. Users can navigate between evaluations, rating processes and assessment elements within the program, and completed assessments can either be viewed onscreen or within other reports for comparisons.

The CAMMS Personnel Evaluation System integrates with existing programs, provides individual, team, and organization reviews, and is proven to increase participation and compliance.


Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Product Quality
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Simple to use and easy to implement, very user friendly.
Integrates with their other strategic products automating the majority of data entry.

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There is nothing to add in here, the product is great.


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