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HireMojo is an all-in-one hiring solution for businesses of all sizes in virtually any industry. Recruiters can manage job sourcing and posting, schedule screens and interviews with candidates, conduct background checks and follow-up with and hire applicants.

The software allows companies to source candidates for open positions through its unique search function that draws on a database of over 150 sources of potential applicants. Additionally, HireMojo stores and tracks the performance of all job descriptions in its inventory, so recruiters can view similar job postings to the one they’re recruiting for and mimic those that have garnered a high number of applicants.

Finally, HireMojo integrates with email and electronic calendars to track correspondence with candidates and schedule interviews from a single place, which helps ensure that qualified candidates don’t fall through the cracks.


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Carmen from Stanford University HR, Staffing Services
Specialty: Education

May 2015

May 2015

HireMojo expands your staff and gives better information!



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

What I like best about this product and vendor is the founder of the company is business and technical savvy. Their staff and those continuing the work are smart and customer service friendly. The automated employee referral options and the ability to scale globally are helpful.

Likes Least

What I like least about this product and vendor is I wish I had more time and resources to better use the technology. As time goes on, there will be better ways to tweet shorter messages about the postings via the platform, etc. Teams should get comfortable with the automated messages that go out.


It helps to have managers, HR and recruiters really understand the power of the platform. Feedback for applicants is part of the platform's "culture." Technology is secondary and relationships are primary. The platform helps folks to communicate expectations and statuses.

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