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Designed for small and medium-sized companies, PeopleGoal is a powerful performance management solution that structures goals from the top down, allowing employees to identify and align themselves with the business strategy. PeopleGoal incorporates tools for recognizing and rewarding staff, which helps motivate and promote engagement.

By starting at the top, with the company’s objectives, teams and individuals are able to work together and hold each other accountable, because PeopleGoal tracks which team members are contributing. Goals are colored-coded by status, allowing users to check their progress at a glance. Users can record notes in PeopleGoal, so everyone stays up-to-date.

Having sound feedback is critical for staying on track, so PeopleGoal developed their feedback module to function in a continuous process. It includes 360, anonymous and peer feedback. The user-friendly dashboard provides a high level overview throughout the performance cycle.

Performance Reviews in PeopleGoal start with a self-assessment based on criteria set by the company. That form is then passed over to the manager so they can provide their review, and then circled back to the employee for their signature.

The PeopleGoal dashboards give users access to reports in real time. The performance heatmap offers a detailed summary about an individual’s progress. Goal completion reports map out how the company is performing as a whole, where the goal performance reports drill down further by department, team and employee.

Because PeopleGoal is fully customizable, it works well across industry verticals. Their cascading goals are great for any growing company in the market for a solution to unify performance management.


PeopleGoal - Company structure
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Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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