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Founded in 2000, Redmatch provides specialized recruiting solutions to companies around the world. RecruiterPro is their standalone applicant tracking and candidate recruiting software. By calculating and rating connections between a candidate and a position, Redmatch saves time and allows hiring teams to focus on the most relevant candidates, shortening the hiring process in the long run.

Designed to streamline the recruiting process, it tracks candidate movement from beginning to end with four key components: requisition and sourcing, matching and screening, monitoring, and reporting. Once the job has been created in the system, it’s easy to share with staffing agencies and post on the web. As soon as the candidate is found, matched and screened for the position, their application can be shared with colleagues internally. RecruiterPro offers robust reporting tools to measure the pipeline.

Redmatch has developed separate products that cater to different market sectors within the industry, such as staffing agencies, online newspapers, and employment offices. All products support real-time matching, multiple languages, resource management, and automated resume parsing. RecruiterPro is highly customizable and can integrate with any 3rd party system.

We like RecruiterPro because they have a web-based option of the software. It’s quick to be up and running and eliminates the need to invest in any additional hardware. Other services available from Redmatch include consulting, data migration, hosting, and localization. We recommend them HR professionals in small and mid-sized companies looking for a powerful set of applications to manage their hiring process.


Redmatch Recruiter Pro - Positions
  • Redmatch Recruiter Pro - Positions
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    Recruiting monitor
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    Edit candidate
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Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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