Visual Planning Software


Visual Planning is an expansive, comprehensive, and efficient system that offers a complete solution for a business’s Project Management needs. It combines the tools users need to allocate resources, manage individual projects, budgets, and workloads, and keep all reports and graphs updated in real-time.

Visual Planning is a beneficial program for companies of any size that want to streamline their scheduling and resource allocation processes. It's entirely configurable and updates in real-time, making it ideal for simultaneous use by multiple departments or multiple employees. Several levels of user privileges can be set up to keep sensitive data secured. In addition, Visual Planning integrates seamlessly with My SQL, SQL Server, Oracle databases, and other standard data formats (CSV files, spreadsheets), which eliminates the headache of duplicating data when engaging new software.

One of Visual Planning’s strong points is its ability to oversee a particular job from beginning to end. Right away, users can see which employee is booking which resource and when, and the most updated representation of current workloads and job schedules. Job data entered is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, regardless of the device.

This system requires no advanced IT knowledge or expertise – Visual Planning’s configuration team is standing by to assess each business’s needs and requirements, and will provide the training necessary to ensure solutions are implemented correctly and efficiently. We like its useful drag and drop scheduling function, which allows users to collaborate quickly with each other, and save valuable time in their scheduling efforts.


Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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