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Firm Central is a cloud-based legal management solution by Thomson Reuters. It features matter management, time and billing, scheduling and document assembly. Three different packages are available: Core, Essential and Premier.

All Firm Central packages offer client, matter, document and task management. Users have access to centralized case files and client databases. The matter management module helps users organize contact information, tasks, notes, documents, communications with clients and calendar events.

Firm Central’s Essential package includes all that, plus Thomson Reuters’ Time & Billing application. Users can log billable hours in the system and apply fees to specific matters. Premier also includes a scheduling application, Deadline Assistant, which uses Westlaw legal calendaring rules (or users’ own templates) to sync firms’ calendars.

Firm Central integrates with Thomson Reuters’ Custom Forms and Westlaw Doc & Form Builder. Users can saves forms and documents, customize them and automate their assembly.

Firm Central is integrable with all Westlaw tools firms use daily. It is priced per user per month.


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Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Garry from Davis & Associates
Specialty: Immigration
Number of employees: 11-50 employees Employees number: 11-50 employees

February 2017

February 2017




Product Quality

Customer Support

Value for Money

Product Quality

The way this system works is Thompson Reuters sends over a sales person to determine what you need your client database management system to do. The sales person listens diligently to all the requirements, then repeats back to you that Firm Central has been sent from heaven and does everything you need it to do - it's magical! Then you get into a huge contract with terrible terms, but you sign it because - WOW - it does everything you need it to do. Then you start, do all the training, and it does nothing that you need it to do. At least that has been our firm's experience. We spent tons of money doing a data migration - which we were told by the sales person could be done automatically at little or no cost. Very sadly, the sales person lied about that, so we had to hire people at the tremendous cost to do the data migration manually. We use forms in an immigrant law practice, and we paid extra for the forms module - which according to the sales person will auto populate from the client entry in the system. Another lie. It doesn't. In fact, in just about every way, it didn't do what we needed it to despite repeated assurances from our sales person that it would. In all ways, it has been a complete and unmitigated disaster for us. To make it worse, when we confronted the company with the lies and how ineffective the system is, which by the way is costing us almost triple what we had been paying for our previous system, the told us to stick it in our ear and would not let us out of the contract. Please whatever you do, do not buy or use this system.


Honestly, if it was as the sales person told us it would be, it would be just amazing! But sadly, most of what they said was a lie - which somehow does not justify letting us out of our contract. BUYER BEWARE I suppose, since apparently with Thompson Reuters lying is a standard business practice and encouraged since the sales people did exactly what they were told to do. At least that's my assumption since our contract termination request was denied by the company. I'm sure they looked upon us lovingly as they denied our request, and shook their heads with a smile for how naive we are to think we could take on such a huge company as Thompon Reuters. I mean, they are Westlaw after all, which is the savior of all lawyers.


Everything. It's been a complete and unmitigated disaster working with this system, these sales people, the corporate people, the customer service people (if they can even call themselves that). We did have a positive experience, the first and only one, with the off boarding person. He was knowledgeable and patient with us, and really helped us as we transitioned to a far superior system, incidentally with a fixed cost, better customer service, and that actually works for almost half the price. Please don't use this product.

Advice to Others

I strongly encourage everyone to just say no to this product. It's a disaster, they will wring every cent out of you, laughing all the way to the bank. Sales people will lie without remorse, and the company couldn't care less. And the long term contract will continue to strangle you until it mercifully ends and while you're still paying for something that actually works.

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