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Planbox Agile is an agile project management tool designed for teams across all industries. Key features include a configurable setup centered around a four-level structure: initiatives, projects, items and tasks.

Users can create unlimited initiatives and projects, personalize the UI via filters and have access to an open API to integrate Planbox with other tools.

With Planbox Agile, managers can: monitor progress via burndown charts and progress reports, plan and schedule projects using velocity charts, and track performance with dashboards, to-do lists, and management reports.

Teams can collaborate in real time, share and attach documents and links directly to tasks, stay up-to-date with real-time activity feeds and status reports, and track estimated versus actual time.

Planbox Agile is available worldwide on any Web browser and offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. The product comes in three Editions: Group, Professional and Enterprise. Discounts are available based on number of users and commitment length as well as for start-ups, non-profits and academic institutions. Interested parties can try the Group edition free during a 30 day unlimited trial.


Planbox Agile - Report Velocity
  • Planbox Agile - Report Velocity
    Report Velocity
  • Planbox Agile - Timesheets
  • Planbox Agile - Manage
  • Planbox Agile - Current Iteration
    Current Iteration
  • Planbox Agile - Item Tasks
    Item Tasks
  • Planbox Agile - Report Time Estimated vs. Logged
    Report Time Estimated vs. Logged
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Jared from Verizon
Specialty: Telecommunications

September 2015

September 2015

Powerful and intuitive Agile Project management application



Product Quality

Customer Support

Likes Best

Planbox is an agile project management tool that is simple to use and very powerful. This isn't your typical agile tool, it does a lot more. Believe me, we have been using planbox for several months now and we will never go back to what we used to do before planbox. Easy to use even as agile beginners, support is incredible. Great information is provided to get things started. It was easy for our team to get on board and use the tool and the feedback from my teams have been great. This makes it much easier for us to work together as a team. If you have a team managing multiple projects this is definitely a tool worth considering. The tool easily helps you plan and manage several iterations. My team loves using it and it has improved our productivity. It has improved the way we work and we will continue to use planbox. Overall this is a fantastic product with great features and support. I highly recommend it!

Likes Least

We love the tool, it really works for our fast paced environment. Adapting to agile was a breeze with Planbox.


If you like the status quo this is not the right solution for you, Nothing more to say we love this tool, make sure that the tool you are evaluating gives you the flexibility and support that Planbox offers.