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Yalla is an integrated team and project management solution designed to help small and midsize businesses manage their day-to-day project activities. Yalla is a cloud-based application with an interactive drag-and-drop interface that helps with distributing workloads and managing employee details. The solution allows managers to set project deadlines and monitor project status in real time.

Yalla enables businesses to have complete visibility on daily task allocations and monitor pending tasks through a single dashboard. Users can invite team members and their clients to collaborate on projects and provide feedback simultaneously. A personalized chat option allows team members to exchange comments and share instructions in real time.

Yalla offers a task calendar that is capable of displaying notifications regarding key project milestones as soon as they are reached. Users can keep a note of upcoming deliverables within their team and personal calendars. A time tracker feature displays the time remaining to finish any ongoing activity.


Yalla - Track project progress
  • Yalla - Track project progress
    Track project progress
  • Yalla - Receive notifications
    Receive notifications
  • Yalla - Personalized calendars
    Personalized calendars
  • Yalla - Custom user profiles
    Custom user profiles
  • Yalla - Comments and feedback
    Comments and feedback
  • Yalla - Chat messenger
    Chat messenger
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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