Celerant Command Retail POS Software


Businesses across all industries will find Celerant Command Retail a strong resource for its comprehensive retail management tools. Celerant's solution will help different departments within your business track activity in real time.

The highly flexible POS system allows users to add customer information at any point during the transaction. Individual employee logins allow managers to limit cashier access while tracking hours worked through the built-in punch clock system. Celerant's inventory management application allows users to easily group several items into a single kit for sale, while the purchase planning application makes re-ordering additional stock as simple as opening a new screen.

One of Celerant's stand-out features is its robust e-commerce integration. The e-commerce tool syncs directly with the POS in your offline stores, eliminating the need to maintain two separate systems for order processing. The orders go directly to your database, even if items feature different prices online and offline.

Inventory management, supply chain management and warehouse management applications can be purchased as part of an integrated suite on top of the core POS software. These tools help businesses track inventory shipments, manage warehouse stock, and replenish products that are running low without disrupting the rest of the company process.

Celerant Command Retail is an on-premise Java-based software solution, and can be installed on computers running any operating system. Celerant has consistently ranked among the top 5 retail software vendors in the RIS Leaderboard and is a program we feel comfortable recommending to retailers looking for a full-featured, enterprise solution.


Celerant Command Retail - Main Screen
  • Celerant Command Retail - Main Screen
    Main Screen
  • Celerant Command Retail - Main Screen- Alternate View
    Main Screen- Alternate View
  • Celerant Command Retail - Pay Screen
    Pay Screen
  • Celerant Command Retail - POS Screen
    POS Screen
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000, Unix, Solaris, Mac OS, Linux, IBM OS/400, HP-UX, AIX

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