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Cybex has been implementing its retail software solutions since 1986, with a track record of new installs of upwards of 100 terminals. Cybex currently supports over 1000 workstation terminals all over North America. We currently recommend Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite for retailers with 3 to 300 store locations.

This retail software suite from Cybex includes point of sale, inventory management, distribution and replenishment, warehouse management, CRM, and e-commerce. This set of tools provides users the flexibility, scalability, and functionality to improve business thanks to its ease of use.

We really like Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite’s focus on information accessibility. This system allows users to manually and automatically input data, organize it as their business sees fit, and access this information from one central-location. Because of this focus, we recommend this software for retail operations that are managed from one central headquarters location. Because the system is easily scalable, the system is ideal for both mid-sized retailers and large companies.

Users that wish to integrate web sales can do so with Cybex’s e-commerce integration. Cybex currently offers its Enterprise Retail Suite as an on-premise solution. The system is built on Microsoft .Net technology and runs on a Microsoft SQL server.



Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite - Enterprise Retail Suite
  • Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite - Enterprise Retail Suite
    Enterprise Retail Suite
  • Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite - Point of Sale
    Point of Sale
  • Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite - Back Office
    Back Office
  • Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite - Merchandise Planning
    Merchandise Planning
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 8

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