Lagniappe Pharmacy Services Software


Lagniappe Pharmacy Services is a pharmacy management solution designed for small and midsize pharmacies. It offers patient management, POS and patient communication functionalities within its suite.

The basic functions of the software are workflow management and prescription processing for pharmacies. The eNGAGE module of the software allows users to manage and record all patient prescriptions and communication in a single location.

This module also enables users to manage medication synchronization, which helps patients refill their medication on a regular basis.

The POS module in Lagniappe Pharmacy Services allows users to record all the pharmacy transactions in a single solution. POS functionality comes with touchscreen driven menus and scanning devices. The data captured from the POS system is then used to prepare different types of reports such as on-hand, stock status, days in inventory and total inventory.

Lagniappe Pharmacy Services is available in an on-premise deployment model that runs on the Windows operating system.


Lagniappe Pharmacy Services - Patient records
  • Lagniappe Pharmacy Services - Patient records
    Patient records
  • Lagniappe Pharmacy Services - eNGAGE module
    eNGAGE module
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 8

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