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e-Boekhouden.nl is an accounting solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to invoicing, customer relationship management (CRM), document archiving and more. It provides mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, which helps professionals upload images of invoices, register the time taken to complete a project and view profit/loss metrics, even from remote locations. e-Boekhouden.nl allows enterprises to submit VAT returns to relevant authorities, send payment reminders to clients and export reports to Microsoft Excel and PDF formats. It lets administrators create customizable invoices by adding brand logos or texts, set up recurring subscriptions for specific clients and utilize timesheets to enter employees' work hours. Using e-Boekho...

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Starting Entrepreneurs (new startups or businesses started less than 15 months ago) can use e-Boekhouden for free for the first 15 months after registering with the Chamber of Commerce. Self-employed/Mini: Bookkeeping €7.95/month, includes 240 bookings per financial year. Invoicing: €5.95/month, includes 120 invoices/financial year. Standard: Bookkeeping €14.50/month, includes unlimited number of invoices. Invoicing: €9.50/month, includes unlimited number of invoices. For accountants: Accounting module (Price/accounting module/month) 1: FREE 2 - 25: 5.95 26 - 75: 2.95 76 - 150: 1.95 151 +: 0.95 Billing module (Price/billing module/month) 1: FREE 2 - 25: 5.95 26 - 75: 3.95 76 - 150: 2.95 151 +: 1.95 Client Access (Price/customer access/month) 1 - 25: 6.95 26 - 75: 5.95 76 - 150: 4.95 151 +: 1.95 Reduced rates available for associations and foundations: Bookkeeping €9.50 per month, includes unlimited number of bookings. Member Administration: €8.50 per month, includes unlimited number of members.

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