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About Expensify

Expensify works as a cloud-based business accounting system that is designed to manage expenses and transactions using real-time data processing. The platform allows businesses to maintain different summaries of various accounts along with date calendars to keep track and maintain transparency. Expensify effectively uses different ratios, including debt-to-income ratios, to maintain a healthy balance. The powerful tools on it help track travel expenses by calculating the amount of time spent by a user on a particular project or by calculating the miles that personnel has traveled. For international travel, the system easily converts currencies and provides accurate records by using purchase receipt photos or copies. In addition, automating the entire expense calcul...

Expensify Pricing

For pricing details, visit: https://use.expensify.com/pricing. Streamline your expense management workflow with a six week free trial!

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$20.00 per month

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Expensify's expense management, receipt scanning app, and corporate credit card pictured.
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