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Clarity Business VoIP is a cloud-based phone system designed for businesses of all sizes. The solution allows organizations to access the benefits of a hosted VoIP service using packet-switched telephony. Businesses can configure and manage auto attendant and call flows through an interactive web dashboard.

With Clarity Business VoIP, businesses can create an unlimited number of extensions or departments as per the requirement. The solution also supports an unlimited number of submenus and call flows under the main directory. It offers a centralized inbox for retrieving all voicemails.

Businesses can configure calling to multiple numbers in a designated sequence or simultaneously. The solution is also capable of automatically routing calls to other numbers or voicemails during nonworking hours and public holidays.

Clarity Business VoIP offers a scalable architecture that allows businesses to begin with a limited number of call paths and scale up as demand increases. The solution automatically records all inbound and outbound calls for quality monitoring.


Clarity Business VoIP - Additional features
  • Clarity Business VoIP - Additional features
    Additional features
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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