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Inspakt Software

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About Inspakt

Inspakt is a combination of a digital management platform and digital biometric signature. It allows users to keep records, make photo inspections, and sign contracts. The most important feature that distinguishes Inspakt from similar SaaS solutions is that it offers a document management platform and digital biometric signature products together. It enables its users to manage their operations by digitalizing their document and signature processes. While digitizing the trust processes that individuals and companies try to provide based on a paper in their daily lives, also helps them to access information instantly, accurately, and in an environmentally friendly way. Thanks to its ease of use, it leaves minimum need for technical support. Create documents, record ...

Inspakt Pricing

Usage-based pricing is applied. Monthly usage volume is also considered and a discount is applied as the volume increases. All considered, it is invoiced monthly. If an annual commitment is made, a 15% discount will be provided on the prices. +10% discount will be provided if an annual payment is made. A commitment is required for the use of Custom Branding, API, and Private Cloud services.

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$0.40 per month

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