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Mura is a headless content management system (CMS) designed to help businesses, government organizations and educational institutes create, manage and deploy content across multiple channels. Features include versioning, rollback, batch publishing, data synchronization, role-based permissions, content staging and assignments. The centralized platform enables marketers to create content hubs, landing pages and gated content using drag-and-drop capabilities, reusable components and form builders. Using Mura's built-in analytics feature, professionals can determine the return on investment (RoI), opportunities, content performance and engagement. Creators can also personalize content by account, industry and customer profile and apply edits in real-time. The GDPR-com...

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February 2021

Easy Publish and Flexible Tools for Web Developers

As a headless content manager, it is very fast and secure with a lot of great features, so You can do your daily tasks without any stress and tightness. The biggest benefit of headless CMS technology is in optimizing the performance and flexibility of the software stack.


No-code and Cloud-based CMS with amazing features, Roll-Back option is awesome, this is a great possibility that if you are not satisfied with your changes in the design and content of the page, you can easily roll the changes back to the previous state. I like multisite management and If you are an IT manager, you know that there is a lot in your workspace from when you are in addition to handling site tasks and you need technology and a secure platform through which you can manage multiple sites without error and with high security that Mura CMS+ provides you with all these features.


All the features of this cloud base platform are great, just there are some limitations about plugins, extensions, and themes and there are limited choices and less variety in these options.

Reasons for choosing Mura

Mura is a beautiful and powerful cloud design CMS platform used by organizations and the U.S government’s and in terms of security, agility, and performance is far ahead of competitors.

Reasons for switching to Mura

I’ve switched from the previous CMS was due to server problems as well as slowdowns due to increased content and enlarged database.