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TESSA DAM is a digital asset management system that helps manufacturers, retailers and distributors view, organize and store media files including images, documents and videos in a centralized database. It enables stakeholders to quickly access data related to customer details and product information using the full-text search functionality. It offers a rollback module, which allows administrators to access previous versions of digital media and restore them as per individual requirements. Features of TESSA DAM include archiving, workflow management, image recognition, media preview, version control, bulk upload and more. Additionally, the application lets administrators grant permissions to specific team members and clients to view or modify changes in digital fil...

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Melvin & Hamilton

Verified reviewer

Company size: 11-50 employees

Industry: Textiles

Time used: Less than 2 years

Review Source: Capterra

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Reviewed October 2018

Using TESSA DAM and Akeneo PIM is perfect for me

Akeneo itself does not have a truly integrated DAM system that can map the advantages of a real DAM system. TESSA is the only DAM system I know that works perfectly with Akeneo. Data is synchronized in real time in both systems and I can access my assets directly from the PIM and I can search for product data directly in TESSA. It's perfect for me and my team because everyone can use the tool they like best. The graphic designer with TESSA and Photoshop, me as product manager with Akeneo and who wants can also work in both systems without having to register several times.


Is not only about Assets (images, videos, documents) but works also perfectly in compination with products.


The surface is modern but a bit technical.