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Lynk is a cloud-based customer support and complaint management solution that caters to mid-size and large organizations across various industries. It is also available for on-premise deployment. Everest receives customer complaints and queries via various channels that include email, phone, a company’s website, mobile app and remote call centers. Individual cases can be located by searching Everest with a variety of criteria including date of first contact, current resolution status or customer account number. The solution also allows for a high degree of process automation, and can be configured to send emails or other notifications based on predetermined triggers. It provides users charting and reporting options, integrated analysis for managing business pr...

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Reviewed March 2016

Very easy to use, allows for multiple levels of entry and reporting, great customer support!

I use this everyday to log my customer complaints and assign action owners to resolve. I like that we can have a number of users and can assign different levels of access. I like being able to email out and include attachments. Having the ability to run multiple Excel reports is a great feature. We have several Managers that can go in a pull out their specific data. Any cons or issues that we have had were resolved by the Everest group in a very timely manner. We are very happy with the program and the customer support provided. Thanks!