Inbenta software

Inbenta's natural language processing (NLP) technology has been integrated into Inbenta Enterprise Search for Customer Support and E-commerce.

The Enterprise Search solution scrapes existing knowledge bases, FAQs and help content. Inbenta also offers integrations with Zendesk, Salesforce Desk, Service Cloud and other help desk platforms and is able to receive queries in over 25 languages.

Inbenta E-Commerce Search uses NLP technology to understand the meaning of a customer’s query. The search engine then pulls information from the query such as colors, sizes, prices and product numbers and returns the relevant products and services.  

Additionally, this same technology can be applied to conversational chatbots and virtual assistants to provide users using the semantic search engine with a more human-like exchange.

Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS , Web browser (OS agnostic) , Windows 8

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