ABELDent Advantage Software


ABELDent Advantage is a comprehensive on-premise dental office management system suited for all specialties and practice sizes. The application runs on local workstations that access practice data backed up and stored securely on Microsoft Azure cloud servers.

ABELDent Advantage enables users to track patients in real time as they move through the various stages of their visit via the Patient Manager. The patient dashboard displays complete patient demographics and historical profiles from a single screen. Clinical charting features a realistic odontogram display, customizable clinical note templates and integration with administrative functions that results in reduced data entry.  A patient portal automates patient appointment management and communication with patients.

The application also integrates with Dynamics 365 Financials and Office 365 cloud applications to provide a complete accounting solution, advanced reporting capabilities and comprehensive productivity tools.


ABELDent Advantage - Clinical chart
  • ABELDent Advantage - Clinical chart
    Clinical chart
  • ABELDent Advantage - Patient manager
    Patient manager
  • ABELDent Advantage - Patient dashboard
    Patient dashboard
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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