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FReD is a mobile field service reporting and management solution. It is specifically designed for field marketing and retail field operations. As such, retail field workers can access their individually mapped journey plan and view data from the stores they’re visiting.

The system prompts field workers to complete reports and take pictures of assets, both of which can be sent back in real time. Workers can also place orders while in the field.

FReD supports users who are designing projects with any information needed. This includes defining targets and mapping regions and territories as well as various users. Along with that, FReD also provides SKU information for various sites.

In addition, FReD enables users to create routes and define plans for their journeys, and map out plans to include various users in their doings. Along the journey, users can collect data and place ad hoc calls.

Users can also monitor pending calls and complete and mark off tasks as appropriate. There’s also a platform within FReD for users to take and save photos of issues or examples they see on the job.

FReD supports both Web-based and on-premise deployment models. It offers an Android application and offered worldwide. This product has been around since 2010.


FReD - Category management
  • FReD - Category management
    Category management
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    User management
  • FReD - Mobile screen
    Mobile screen
  • FReD - Mobile apps
    Mobile apps
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Windows 2000, Windows 8

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