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About Tereo Attendance

TereoTime is a contactless facial recognition software for companies to monitor employee attendance. It uses facial recognition technology to establish user identities. The system can validate in-office and off-site employee attendance, and no credit card is required. The software can run on any Android tablet or mobile device. Once downloaded, the admin must register all employee profiles before using the tablet in common areas to monitor employee check-in and check-out times. A dynamic dashboard is available for HR or management to check attendance reports to identify patterns or trends. Staff can use the contactless system to apply for leave or vacation time. TereoTime sends requests to managers for approval, allowing businesses to monitor company-wide leave schedule...

Tereo Attendance Pricing

A Pay-as-you-Go model Attendance Solution. Rates are per Employee / Month (It is Free for the First set of 25 Employees). No additional / hidden charges. Just one rate depending on the term of your subscription (3, 6, 12 or 24 months term plans).

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₹1.00 per month

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